Smokey Bear Hat

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Smokey Bear was born in the mountains of southern New Mexico in 1950. He was found with singed hair after a forest fire and quickly became a national icon and the symbol of fire awareness. Celebrate Smokey with this limited edition hat that is handmade of high quality embossed leather mounted on an organic hemp hat with recycled polyester mesh. As eco-friendly of a hat as you can get! (unless you wear moss on your head)

We are very psyched to be releasing our first leather hat in a very limited edition of only 100! Pre-order now for shipping by May 12th! Order now before they sell out!

Maegan, @mesa.rose.craft, and myself have been working on this new process for months, figuring out how to create crisp details and 3-dimensional embossed leather from finely crafted brass dies with high pressure. Obsessively finished to give contrast and retain the integrity of the leather, they are highly water resistant and durable.