Mission: Splitter Design's mission is to create and share beautiful objects inspired by the mountains. To inspire, to care, and to respect for our natural world. We craft the most innovative and finely crafted hats, jewelry and accessories in Taos, NM. Made by climber, skier, mountain biker, and jeweler Peter W. Gilroy, Splitter Designs is the place to find the most bad-ass, unique titanium hats, belt buckles, jewelry and other stylish gear. Great design that is built ruggedly so we can bring a bit of the mountains with us wherever we go.

Our Name: splitter split·ter |  \ ˈspli-tər \ Definition of splitter 1 : noun: a crack, as in climbing. Where a crack "splits" a perfectly clean rock face is left, creating the most beautiful and pure crack climbs in the world. 2. adjective: such as “splitter day," used to describe a beautiful day or a day with perfect weather or climbing conditions. Our Commitment: The mountains are important to us. It is where we adventure and find inspiration. We are committed to protecting our natural lands and are proud to be a 1% for the Planet Member. And that's just the beginning of the work we are doing.....


To see Peter's one-of-a-kind and custom jewelry go to www.peterwgilroy.com


Peter's Bio:

Born and raised in Taos, New Mexico, I was lucky to have grown up with the mountains in my backyard. I grew up creating, working the summers for my uncle, master goldsmith Phil Poirier. In college I studied photography, and after graduation I started building custom furniture. I got sucked into the endless work, struggling to find balance between my love for climbing and the outdoors on the one hand, and my creative work on the other. In time, I found my way back to metal, and I experimented with making my own jewelry while working for a tool company, Bonny Doon Hydraulic Presses.


In 2014 I had a pivotal change of thinking. Instead of seeing my two passions as separate, I asked myself:


What if I combine my passion for making art with my passion for climbing and the mountains? What if I delve into adventure in all aspects of my life?


Since that day, I have been on a journey to bring these aspects together. It is easy to be calm and at peace in the mountains, but how do we share that with the rest of the world? I'm a dirtbag for my art, and proud of it.


Whether it is the subtle details of the texture of granite, the effortless flow that only a hard climb can force us to find, or the amazing views from the top, the inspiration offered by the mountains, and the rock we climb on, is endless.


I want to capture the experiences we have outdoors and then bring them forward as mementos, to be savored in all the other moments of our lives.


Everything is made by me, in my small studio, in Taos, NM. I work with American-made machinery and tools. All materials, like stones and metal, are from the best, local if possible, eco-friendly sources.





Splitter Designs - Peter W Gilroy, 814 Paseo del Pueblo Norte Unit C, Taos, NM 87571

575-770-7232 climbon@splitter-designs.com