About Our Shop


Handmade in Taos, NM

Made by climber, skier, mountain biker, and jeweler Peter W. Gilroy, Splitter Designs is the place to find the most bad-ass, unique titanium hats, belt buckles, and other stylish gear. Great design that is built ruggedly so we can bring a bit of the mountains with us wherever we go.

To see Peter's one-of-a-kind and custom jewelry go to www.peterwgilroy.com

Unique. Rugged. Splitter.

Splitter (n): used to describe the most beautiful, pure crack climbs in the world, which split a clean rock face, creating a pure climbing line up an otherwise blank wall. Also used to describe a great day or great climbing conditions.

Care Instructions

Clean titanium with windex or alcohol and a soft cotton cloth. Anodized titanium may show smudges or fingerprints and will cause the color to look less vibrant. A quick cleaning will keep it looking fresh and new.

The granite texture is all made of a special alloy of sterling silver that is very resistant to tarnish. Depending upon use some tarnish may still develop in time.  You can send your pieces back to me for a free polishing. Or use a silver polishing solution (like Blitz Silver Shine) and a nylon brush to freshen the silver or for a satin/rough finish gently scrub the surface with the scouring side of a scotchbrite kitchen sponge.